Matmos + Kid606 + J. Lesser, all sounds sourced from actual damaged compact discs. released in 1998 on the legendary San Diego label Vinyl Communications. this is such a nostalgia trip! best "cover" of Joy Division's "love will tear us apart" contained herein. GLITCH.





heavy Goblin-worship synth shredding, OOP but probably still available through a few distros.



full interview circa 1995 



Aaron Kenyon

tons more MITB-related


more northern soul girl groups for ya. a bit more crossover soul on this compilation, lots of scorchers! i was trolling on ebay for the top-watched soul 45's and found that an original single of my favorite track on this collection, "just say you're wanted (and needed)" by Gwen Owens is up in the $2000 range. i guess there was only 50 or so made, but sheesh. save some scratch, folks.

Northern Soul Girls Vol. 4



1979 follow-up to the album Blackouts (aka the #1 downloaded record on this blog, here). the two pair nicely, but Blackouts still reigns supreme over here at HYS headquarters. more cosmiche tropical prog/kraut stuff, maybe with a hint of italo disco?


"young based lord an' I look like Jesus"


youtube channel



killer collection of girl groups and solo artists from the Golden World label, one of the finest from the prime of the Detroit Soul scene in the 60's. if you've been trying to crack the sizeable coconut that is Northern Soul and find the true meat, this is a pretty solid starting point, as is the "Guys Of Golden World" comp. the track "Hey!!" by Barbara Mercer is worth the D/L alone. seriously recommended!

01 - Adorables - Oooh Boy
02 - Tamiko Jones - I'm Spellbound
03 - Pat Lewis - Can't Shake It Loose
04 - Theresa Lindsey - I'll Bet You
05 - Sue Perrin - Can't Let Go
06 - Barbara Mercer - Hey!!
07 - Debonaires - How's Your New Love Treating You
08 - Juanita Williams - You Knew What You Were Gettin
09 - Debonaires - Please Don't Say Were Through
10 - Juanita Williams - Baby Boy
11 - Barbara Mercer - Can't Stop Loving You Baby
12 - Sue Perrin - Clickety Clack Heart
13 - Debonaires - A Little Too Long
14 - Barbara Mercer - Nobody Loves You Like Me
15 - Rose Batiste - Sweetheart Darling
16 - Debonaires - Eenie Meenie Gypsaleenie
17 - Sue Perrin - Candy Store Man
18 - Juanita Williams - You Knew What You Were Gettin (2)
19 - Debonaires - C.O.D. (Collect On Delivery)
20 - Barbara Mercer - Doin Things Together With You
21 - Sue Perrin - Recipe Of Love
22 - Debonaires - Big Time Fun
23 - Adorables - Devin In His Eyes
24 - Theresa Lindsey - Daddy-O
25 - Pat Lewis - Lets Get Together
26 - Tamiko Jones - Am I Glad Now
27 - Juanita Williams - Some Things You Never Get Used To
28 - Rose Batiste - That's What He Told Me



Slovenly, Peter...

one of if not the most forgotten band in the SST Records lineage, and definitely one of the more challenging. featuring labelmates Saccharine Trust's drummer Rob Holzman.

Thinking Of Empire (1986, SST)

We Shoot For The Moon (1989, SST)

info here and here


Peace & Love


unearthed psychedelic reggae voyage from Ras Michael & Co. takes on some classic themes and stretches them out into long, hazy jams with traditional nyabinghi drums and languid bluesy guitar. serves as an excellent compliment to the Yabby You collection from last post.




from wiki:

His Christian beliefs were markedly different from that of his Rastafarian contemporaries, which often prompted debate on religio-philosophical matters, and it was after one of these discussions that Jackson first headed towards a recording studio, having heard music "like a strange ting, inside a my thoughts - like an angel a sing".




infamous and classic found "movie" by Carly Ptak (Nautical Almanac, Heresee Records)

MEMORIAL DAY 2000 (200?, HERESEE #0004, 22min)

from heresee:

After thinking about this, my sister and myself feel uneasy about this tape being out there. I gave a copy to Caleb to borrow and was never told he was going to give it to you guys to sell. The thing is, there are a couple of teachers and respected community people on there that could ruin there careers, how would you feel if your 1st graders teacher was burning a couch or holding up a bag of weed. This tape was intended to watch in the privacy of our own home with the people that were on it. It being on the internet, and you saying it can be available online and giving your address to buy it on TV was not what I was told. Caleb, Davie and you said we were just going to be on TV and nobody probably will see it, so I agreed. I talked with five people that are on the tape, they are very angered with me, and want to talk to you. I did not give out your number to respect your privacy. I told them I would make sure it was not sold. Can you please do the same and respect their privacy and take the tape down off the website immediately. Thanks call if the is a problem"


It's A Burning Hell

haunting and horrible, stupid and ugly, here's some more rare BRAINBOMBS for you fiends. released in 1992 on Black Jack, far too limited of a pressing like everything in the realm of these swedish thugs, this one is an excellent document in the early developing stages of possibly the most evil band in existence. put your ipod on max volume and let the beatings commence. peter's vocals on this one are sickeningly young and nasally, and will peel the paint of your mind's wall. satisfaction guaranteed!


The Nerves

excellent California power-pop from '76. most famous for originally penning Blondie's huge hit "Hangin' on the Telephone" (included here), The Nerves only recorded one EP before disbanding but left a huge mark in their wake. short-lived but hugely influential, members of the nerves went on to form The Beat and The Plimsouls. included here are the 4 tracks from their sole EP, plus two demo outtakes, "paper dolls" and "one-way ticket".




Ice T narrating his autobiography "The Ice Opinion", originally released in 1994. brilliant and inspiring real shit right here. get into it.


a dead no-no...

updates are slow lately, i'm painfully aware of this...

split 12" EP from two bands that need little introduction to heads for "underground" music. released in 2005 on Fat Cat UK this EP pairs two radically different groups of artists both pushing a form of traditional sound to its furthest reaches. Konono No. 1 hails from the congo and hammers out traditional congolese music through crude home-made amplification that mutates the sound into a buzzing distorted and supremely hypnotic whirl of palatable noise. they are the defining group of the sound now known to the world as "congotronics", but you probably already knew that. New Zealand's The Dead C has been pushing the boundries of guitar-driven psychedelic rock for nearly 30 years, with an extremely massive catalog of limited releases from labels all over the world. an often-copied but never-duplicated precursor to all the current waves of free-psych guitar damage. the vinyl version of this EP also includes 5 locked grooves of nasty noise on the Dead C side, just in case the live tracks that follow them aren't abrasive enough for your wrenched ears.




post-everything cough syrup high soundtrack from the one and only MC Trachiotomy. a true behemoth of a record that has sadly seen little light of day since its initial release, but with a good listen one could maybe understand why. far out and far gone, damaged "hip hop" booze crooning and systematic sample destruction from a distant galaxy by way of New Orleans' infamous 9th Ward, MC Trach is the man with a message. now its just up to you to decode it through the tropical haze and bottom shelf liquor confusion. good luck.

as warned on the cd's promo write-up: "CAUTION: this is THE baby makin' music"



witscher bros.

Rainbow Blanket live at the Che Cafe's "Ultimate Pizza Party" fest, 2005. undoubtedly one of the best noise sets i've ever seen first hand. Jeff and Greg are or have been members of Impregnable, Solitary Hunter, Secret Abuse, Deep Jew, Roman Tormant, Marble Sky, Men Who Can't Love, Callow God records probably more I'm forgetting.

in the audience are members of abe vigoda, privy seals/earn, xbxrx, hawnay troof, foot village, toxic loincloth/human hands and loads more.

california dreamin'...



total mind melter from BRAINBOMBS side project NO BALLS. think the 'bombs dipped in some DNA tar and feathered with some COACHWHIPS perhaps? totally repetitive scuzzed out riffs end to end. LP is already sold out from swedish label Release The Bats, so get up on this one 'cause its fuckin' tops.

i played this for a swede that had never heard brainbombs before and he said "it sounds like San Diego". YES.


EDIT: this album has been re-released in limited quantities through Permanent. get it HERE



new photo/whatevs blog by yours truly & JEANS WILDER




The Ghostramp Story - RIP from Olle Källén on Vimeo.

here's to wishing i could skate right now with a foot or more of snow on the ground...


limp dick appologies

lack of updates lately. i'm in the process of moving to malmö, sweden, so things will be fairly slow around here 'till i'm well settled in my new home in a kind of new land. thanks for reading and keep them peeled for big things in two thousand ten. ship ain't sinkin' yet.