infamous and classic found "movie" by Carly Ptak (Nautical Almanac, Heresee Records)

MEMORIAL DAY 2000 (200?, HERESEE #0004, 22min)

from heresee:

After thinking about this, my sister and myself feel uneasy about this tape being out there. I gave a copy to Caleb to borrow and was never told he was going to give it to you guys to sell. The thing is, there are a couple of teachers and respected community people on there that could ruin there careers, how would you feel if your 1st graders teacher was burning a couch or holding up a bag of weed. This tape was intended to watch in the privacy of our own home with the people that were on it. It being on the internet, and you saying it can be available online and giving your address to buy it on TV was not what I was told. Caleb, Davie and you said we were just going to be on TV and nobody probably will see it, so I agreed. I talked with five people that are on the tape, they are very angered with me, and want to talk to you. I did not give out your number to respect your privacy. I told them I would make sure it was not sold. Can you please do the same and respect their privacy and take the tape down off the website immediately. Thanks call if the is a problem"


  1. Anonymous31.5.10

    It's his couch and he wants to burn it.

  2. Anonymous31.5.10

    Year after year the pleading lines of, "MOM AND DAD ARE GOING TO SEE THIS!!! MOM AND DAD ARE GOING TO SEE THIS!!!" become increasingly prophetic.