a dead no-no...

updates are slow lately, i'm painfully aware of this...

split 12" EP from two bands that need little introduction to heads for "underground" music. released in 2005 on Fat Cat UK this EP pairs two radically different groups of artists both pushing a form of traditional sound to its furthest reaches. Konono No. 1 hails from the congo and hammers out traditional congolese music through crude home-made amplification that mutates the sound into a buzzing distorted and supremely hypnotic whirl of palatable noise. they are the defining group of the sound now known to the world as "congotronics", but you probably already knew that. New Zealand's The Dead C has been pushing the boundries of guitar-driven psychedelic rock for nearly 30 years, with an extremely massive catalog of limited releases from labels all over the world. an often-copied but never-duplicated precursor to all the current waves of free-psych guitar damage. the vinyl version of this EP also includes 5 locked grooves of nasty noise on the Dead C side, just in case the live tracks that follow them aren't abrasive enough for your wrenched ears.


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