deep, classic zero-bullshit reggae right here. true weed smoking music for yr dome. 'nuff said.




i finally got to visit the store of my favorite label (if you read this thing then you know how much i gush about them), the mighty Mississippi Records in Portland. besides it being everything i could have ever hoped it would be (maybe a slight exaggeration) as well as a thorough bummer for my current financial status, i was able to finally cop a few of the mississippi mixtapes, which if you've been following are just as great as most of their official releases. i especially like how most of the mixes aren't exclusively "rarities", that a few of the tracks are recognizable hits you can hum along to when they pop up randomly amidst new treasures. of the 5 tapes i picked up these two have been the best so far. the Phillip Cohran track (side A, track 2 on "Fables of Faubus") is well worth the entire download, so so good.

thanks to Rootstrata for posting these and many others

Mississippi Records Tape Series, Vol. 19 - Fables Of Faubus: Mythic & Political Jazz

Mississippi Records Tape Series, Vol. 24 - Like I’m Dying: Ska, Rocksteady & Dub

***its my 50th post! at one point i would have never thought i would keep it up for this long***



Dimples slugging out "TERMINATOR" at Healthy Times Fun Club. best show of tour, hands down.


we listened to this at some point on a lengthy drive on the tour with Dimples and Teen Suicide last week and I was instantly reminded of how much I love this band, despite not having listened to them in a few years. classic san diego rock n' roll with a far more bare-bones approach. the overall sound is fuzzy and raw, interjected with silly faux radio banter and a heaping helping of weirdo beehive humor to get you through the night. the sleaze factor of this record is totally what makes it; I can't help but feeling like it was recorded in one go over a ton of booze and other unmentionables. bar rock from the wrong side of town, most definitely. featuring members of Rocket From The Crypt, Hot Snakes, Tanner, Red Aunts and Tourettes Lautrec.




just finished out tour with the almighty DIMPLES and TEEN SUICIDE and had an amazing time all up and down the west coast (sickness aside). now posted up in olympia, wa for a few months till i move back to sweden. my life is hectic as fuck sometimes, but its nice to be able to approach every day with no expectations.

anyhow, just a quickie, here's the decided ultimate tour jam selectaaah, jah jah...

with this song, i've officially turned a major corner on country. life is great!



seriously heavy ripper. Melvins at perhaps their best moment, with Joe Preston (THRONES) on bass. play this extremely loud, ok?




unknown cambodian pop ballads from the absolutely massive Chlangden series. cannot say that i know a ton about this stuff, but if you enjoy it, here is a HUGE AMOUNT of the label's catalog for download. pretty chilled out all around, sometimes totally beautiful, sometimes so syrup-y sweet and cheesy its almost revolting. fans of Sumblime Frequencies and the like will enjoy this stuff for sure. not a total winner but there are some very awesome tracks that bring to mind the "sound of travelers" tape on plustapes that i've been missing so much (see my "want list" a few posts back). sorry but no track listing or artists names on this one, its how it arrived, but most likely a bulk of the male vocals are from SINN SISAMOUTH, the "King of Khmer Music". thanks Ben!

***note: not the actual album art***