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more northern soul girl groups for ya. a bit more crossover soul on this compilation, lots of scorchers! i was trolling on ebay for the top-watched soul 45's and found that an original single of my favorite track on this collection, "just say you're wanted (and needed)" by Gwen Owens is up in the $2000 range. i guess there was only 50 or so made, but sheesh. save some scratch, folks.

Northern Soul Girls Vol. 4



1979 follow-up to the album Blackouts (aka the #1 downloaded record on this blog, here). the two pair nicely, but Blackouts still reigns supreme over here at HYS headquarters. more cosmiche tropical prog/kraut stuff, maybe with a hint of italo disco?


"young based lord an' I look like Jesus"


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killer collection of girl groups and solo artists from the Golden World label, one of the finest from the prime of the Detroit Soul scene in the 60's. if you've been trying to crack the sizeable coconut that is Northern Soul and find the true meat, this is a pretty solid starting point, as is the "Guys Of Golden World" comp. the track "Hey!!" by Barbara Mercer is worth the D/L alone. seriously recommended!

01 - Adorables - Oooh Boy
02 - Tamiko Jones - I'm Spellbound
03 - Pat Lewis - Can't Shake It Loose
04 - Theresa Lindsey - I'll Bet You
05 - Sue Perrin - Can't Let Go
06 - Barbara Mercer - Hey!!
07 - Debonaires - How's Your New Love Treating You
08 - Juanita Williams - You Knew What You Were Gettin
09 - Debonaires - Please Don't Say Were Through
10 - Juanita Williams - Baby Boy
11 - Barbara Mercer - Can't Stop Loving You Baby
12 - Sue Perrin - Clickety Clack Heart
13 - Debonaires - A Little Too Long
14 - Barbara Mercer - Nobody Loves You Like Me
15 - Rose Batiste - Sweetheart Darling
16 - Debonaires - Eenie Meenie Gypsaleenie
17 - Sue Perrin - Candy Store Man
18 - Juanita Williams - You Knew What You Were Gettin (2)
19 - Debonaires - C.O.D. (Collect On Delivery)
20 - Barbara Mercer - Doin Things Together With You
21 - Sue Perrin - Recipe Of Love
22 - Debonaires - Big Time Fun
23 - Adorables - Devin In His Eyes
24 - Theresa Lindsey - Daddy-O
25 - Pat Lewis - Lets Get Together
26 - Tamiko Jones - Am I Glad Now
27 - Juanita Williams - Some Things You Never Get Used To
28 - Rose Batiste - That's What He Told Me



Slovenly, Peter...

one of if not the most forgotten band in the SST Records lineage, and definitely one of the more challenging. featuring labelmates Saccharine Trust's drummer Rob Holzman.

Thinking Of Empire (1986, SST)

We Shoot For The Moon (1989, SST)

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