HÅRDA TIDER. LIVE - FAR I HATTEN, MALMÖ, OKTOBER 2010 from servant footwear on Vimeo.

Malmö's finest, Hårda Tider ("hard times"), ripping it up at Far i Hatten, fall 2010. pick up the GATAN KALLAR lp if you want to know whats really up with Swedish hardcore right now.



well after nearly 3 months of being computer-less and generally pretty bummed, the light has been restored and i'm happy to be typing this on my shiny new macbook pro. things might be slow here for a while until i can figure out if my old hard drive will spew its guts for me. so in the meantime, enjoy this excellent mix of northern soul classics made by my buds that host GHETTO SOUL, Copenhagen's finest soul club.

more to come soon.

GhettoSoul Mix 2011 by GhettoSoul