so long, mike...

i think everyone has to know by now that the king of pop passed on, and its pretty much a bummer to anyone who's ever loved his music, in spite of all the shit the world stirred up around the poor dude. anyhow, i think my favorite comic character from chris onstad's outstanding webcomic ACHEWOOD (achewood.com) had a few good things to stay about michael's passing, so reposted from the achewood site, here's Ray Smuckles' take on the whole thing:


On the Sudden Passing of Michael Jackson.
Raymond Q. Smuckles
President, Prime Time Records

It’s bad. It’s bad around here. It’s like today was fake. Even the sunlight seems staged. I wish they’d take it away.

When I got the Celebrity Death Beep on my Blackberry, I blew it off as a dumb rumor. That service is good, but I can see it makin’ mistakes. A false headline at, like, The Onion coulda’ triggered it. Michael had an eye on his health constantly. You know that about him. We all know the lengths he went to for health. Dude slept in a hyperbaric chamber. I like my health, but I ain’t gonna go that far, you know? Michael’s health was, to him, a special, magical thing. Something worth machines.

What I think a lotta folks are feelin’ now is a regret. Not regret that a man died; no. They regret that for almost three decades they been mockin’ this guy. This guy who wrote Thriller, and PYT, and Billie Jean. You know who you are, you Michael deniers, listenin’ to your The Cure or Aerosmith. You always considered Michael’s music silly. Not serious. Lame, mainstream. “Popular.” And his life — everyone gets a kick outta’ watchin’ the mighty fall. It sells paper. It makes us feel falsely superior, from our low places. Yet now, now that he’ll never sing another note, you listen to those songs anew —ABC, I Want You Back, Beat It — and you know who he was. Michael had more talent in his little finger than any act today has among four men. Try wakin’ up tomorrow and writin’ We Are The World. See what you come up with. See if you can get Stevie and Tina to come down to the studio, along with Bruce and Billy and twenty other people who cost a whole hell of a lotta money at the time.

Michael was our music. The next time you’re out alone in your car, and Smooth Criminal comes on, it’s gonna mean somethin’ different to you. You’re not gonna change it this time. You’re gonna hear it and think to yourself, “I missed knowin’ his music in the moment.” I don’t blame The Cure. That was your call. The Cure is just out there, like car horns or people who make noise when they cry. The Cure is a choice. When we hear Michael, it is not a choice to feel the beat. It is not a choice to cock your head and straighten all the fingers on your right hand.

His story went out like a light today, and now all we have is his music. He can’t make any more mistakes.* We can’t say anything bad about him anymore.**

R.I.P., Michael. You moved more wax than anybody, player.***

-=Ray Smuckles=-
Achewood Estates, CA
June 25, 2009

* Unless there is something weird in his will.
** I wish this were true.
*** Except: The Beatles (they had a huge head start), Elvis (even bigger head start), and Bing Crosby (40-year head start, and declining super-fast).


i hope you're moonwalking somewhere thats way cooler than this heap of a planet, mr. jackson. maybe even on the moon?


harmonic doom? heavy new age? anthemic drone? i'm allergic to using catch-all's like "ambient" or "expirimental", and its good too because neither could adequately describe GROWING's 3rd LP from 2005, His Return. huge huge huge sound here, great headphones music. i don't think anyone listening to this will get the "guitar and bass duo" feel from it, and its amazing because thats exactly whats going on. if you ever get a chance to catch them live, their volume will PUNISH your ears, but you might not expect it from the beautiful sound of this record. a different kind of amplifier worship that could hang just as easily with BORIS and EARTH as it could with TANGERINE DREAM.



probably will be to no avail, but i've been trying to track down a few recordings i haven't yet drudged up from the quarries of the internetsss.

message me if you got 'em, we could do a trade thing?

TRAVELLERS - SOUND OF TRAVELLERS cassette (plus tapes, 2009)

sadly, i own this tape but destroyed it upon arrival to sweden in our roommate's cheap portable player. fucking weak. total chilled out summertime vibes that i wish i had on these hot days.

same goes to any other rips of plustapes releases (theres gotta be someone out there...)


laid back sunny steel drum reggae. i've been known to have a pretty strong distaste for steel drums, but this record jams. my friend plays a cut off this every time we spin records together and it always leaves me wanting more.


thats about it for now. probably will add more later.


new hawnay troof video...

so i guess i've got a "cameo" the new hawnay troof video for "two week bruise", directed by matt garron. its stuff like this that makes me miss the states the most!




real powerviolence band from boston. total CROSSED OUT worship going on and thats alright by me. record is still available (3rd pressing) from PAINKILLER so grab it if you like it. this stuff is harrrrd.




the only "punk" record i brought in my case of LPs i took along to sweden is the totally ridiculous double 8" vinyl reissue of the WRANGLER BRUTES self-released cassette from 2005, so i've been listening to it pretty much non-stop. since it came out, this spastic tape has been on constant rotation for when i just want to listen to something fast and fucked, the way that only a Sam McPheeters project could bring it. from members of BORN AGAINST, MEN'S RECOVERY PROJECT, NAZTI SKINZ, and FAST FORWARD who could expect anything less than blasting, blistering hardcore with a heavy black flag-style lean and totally unhinged vocals? 16 songs in just a few more than 16 minutes, the way a punk record should be.


and also:



summer '09 is officially the SUMMER OF SKATE. it fucking rules, everyone i know is getting in on it, copping boards and hitting the street. where im living for the time being in malmö is fortunate enough to have some of the nicest skateparks i've ever seen, and since its full-on summer here more or less, all your friends whether riding or not are hanging out till the late hours of the evening at the park, taking turns riding each other's boards and feeling out new runs on the amazingly smooth concrete. its a little overcast today, but still warm, so we're making a picnic to take to the beach (yes, the beach, in sweden), then hitting the park after to chill and ride. perfect fucking days.

thanks to my homie seth for turning me on to this wacky bizness:

anton, if you're reading this, COME TO MALMO NOW! shred 4 eternity, RIP-pin'