It's A Burning Hell

haunting and horrible, stupid and ugly, here's some more rare BRAINBOMBS for you fiends. released in 1992 on Black Jack, far too limited of a pressing like everything in the realm of these swedish thugs, this one is an excellent document in the early developing stages of possibly the most evil band in existence. put your ipod on max volume and let the beatings commence. peter's vocals on this one are sickeningly young and nasally, and will peel the paint of your mind's wall. satisfaction guaranteed!



  1. Anonymous12.10.12

    I've downloaded something like 5 albums from your blog. I love all the random shit on it. Thanks for wasting your life away with this meaningless bullshit.

  2. I wouldn't say I do it much anymore, but thanks all the same. it's my curse, y'know...