limp dick appologies

lack of updates lately. i'm in the process of moving to malmö, sweden, so things will be fairly slow around here 'till i'm well settled in my new home in a kind of new land. thanks for reading and keep them peeled for big things in two thousand ten. ship ain't sinkin' yet.


  1. Anonymous9.5.10

    what on earth is going on in this pic?

  2. Sweden eh? buy the hard caramel cheese, rye bread, cloudberrys with a slice of apple to finish... rad breakfast; doesn't work in London, just cornflakes and overpriced pastries here. the Erittäin hieno tar shampoo too man, ive stood in the shower for half an hour just smelling that shit.

    whats up with blogging, no fucker comments? my own writing is always at bare minimum but still the downloads are into 3-400 mark after a few weeks. i just entertain myself now.

  3. yeah its a cryin' shame, ain't it? this shampoo sounds like the raw deal, im going to have to track it down. everything about a swedish breakfast rules, minus the fish paste in a tube business. certainly better than a bogus german breakfeast of cold cuts, cold rolls, cold butter, and tepid coffee. oh and swedish pastries, that is truly something to behold. cheap, abundent, easily dumpstered and zero stinkers. i've been jamming on these 6 kronor (like .80 cents US) feta pirogs from the local arabic bakery. my daily slice of heaven.

    oh hey anonymous, the picture is whats commonly referred to in my homeland as POSSUM-WRANGLIN'. ride it!