post-everything cough syrup high soundtrack from the one and only MC Trachiotomy. a true behemoth of a record that has sadly seen little light of day since its initial release, but with a good listen one could maybe understand why. far out and far gone, damaged "hip hop" booze crooning and systematic sample destruction from a distant galaxy by way of New Orleans' infamous 9th Ward, MC Trach is the man with a message. now its just up to you to decode it through the tropical haze and bottom shelf liquor confusion. good luck.

as warned on the cd's promo write-up: "CAUTION: this is THE baby makin' music"



witscher bros.

Rainbow Blanket live at the Che Cafe's "Ultimate Pizza Party" fest, 2005. undoubtedly one of the best noise sets i've ever seen first hand. Jeff and Greg are or have been members of Impregnable, Solitary Hunter, Secret Abuse, Deep Jew, Roman Tormant, Marble Sky, Men Who Can't Love, Callow God records probably more I'm forgetting.

in the audience are members of abe vigoda, privy seals/earn, xbxrx, hawnay troof, foot village, toxic loincloth/human hands and loads more.

california dreamin'...