so i kind of knew it was coming, but i somehow let it slip my brain, and man was i ever excited whilst blog-surfing the other day to come across the brand new LONGMONT POTION CASTLE cd, Vol. 7! mr. castle really upp'd his game for this one and it pays off so well. a good healthy mix of extended outtakes from classic calls, brand new unheard gems and of course some amazing metal shredding under a senseless blur of cut-up oldies.

a little while back i posted the historic Vol. 4 collection, but for those new and unfamiliar, Longmont Potion Castle is a one-man surreal prank call unit from the suburbs of Denver. since the late 80's he's been disturbing the peace with his signature fucked up vernacular and effects-damaged tactics. this new disc is close to being the most outrageous to date. UPS calls to Alex Trebek, Rick Derringer and Eddie Money! more Radio Shack and Orange Julius assault! Vol. 7 is way more effects-laden then past efforts, with hilarious warbled speeds to couple his classic delay onslaught, as well as this brutal action movie type yell thats a welcome new addition to his familiar bag of tricks.

thanks to the dudes over at Lucid Media for posting this, and if you're a freak like i am for this shit, consider buying the album direct from LPC himself.


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