so im based here sweden for the time, where i guess a sort of 90's retro mockery thing not unlike the US' is going on, you know where 20 somethings like myself actively listen to bad music from their past and laugh about how much they liked it while being internally conflicted about whether they really still do or not? maybe its not that harsh, just innocent nostalgia, but however you slice it swedish kids who lived through the 90's all seem to know at least a few songs by the nigerian dentist-cum-pop star from stockholm known as Dr. Alban (or at least remember his wacky hair).

Alban did the euro-techno-pop thing with a reggae/dancehall/world beat type twist, which launched him to the top of the charts in sweden and other parts of the EU with singles like "hello afrika", a nod to his native land, and "sing hallelujah", which...i guess is just about partying. or something. all the goofy synths, prosthetic drumming and Snow-style dancehall fast raps you could ever want are here on Alban's collection of greatest hits. a classic is "no coke", Alban's anti-drug statement, with its catchy chorus (sung in his thick acccented monotone voice) "no coke/ no heroin/ no hash-hash/ no amphetamine". if silly euro-party anthems are your sort of thing, then this is definitely your day.


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