in disgust played the speed trials last weekend at the gilman and pulled some amazing surprise shenanigans and came out with a 4th member on guitar to do a complete set of WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? covers. and by complete i mean a set split in half by a fight with some macho security wiener where almost every member of ID got a few good pounds in. what else are you going to do when you're already one of the bay area's best grind bands and almost everyone is there to see you rip it up? these guys are fun as fuck, and this, their debut 10" "REALITY CHOKE" is seriously seriously good. powerviolence-influenced, lead-heavy grind the way it should be. SAAAAN JOOOOOSE!

and buy this 10" (2nd pressing) HERE

and here's the video of the whole WHN? set at gilman, fight and all (seriously, fuck that security dude):

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  1. Anonymous18.10.09

    Although dece band,I have to admit that In Disgust throw their arms like floppy slabs of meat.