Jamaican records are a funny thing. i can't tell you how many lemons i've bought in the reggae realm. everything from labels on the wrong side, a label that was actually totally ripped and glued on there anyway, warped and almost paper thin vinyl are problems a record collector has to endure in order to hear some classic jamaican cuts on wax.

when i bought this Augustus Pablo record, ITAL DUB, i was surprised to hear the first song on the A side was a full vocal single, not dub at all. then when i downloaded the album, the song was omitted all together. with a little research, i found that the song is actually a classic Jacob Miller & Inner Circle song called "standing firm", which borrows the hook from Dave Brubeck's omnipresent jazz hit "take five" to an amazing effect. so for whatever reason, whoever mastered the record just decided to throw in a little bonus jam in...first thing on the record.

and its kind of a bummer too, because that song is such a scorcher compared to the laid-back heavy dub on this record. but Jacob Miller'd or not the album is pretty sweet, and if you like your dub on the deep bass and melodica end of the spectrum, you'll be stoked.

here's the album, as well as the Miller track so if you're so inclined you can listen to it the way my weirdo vinyl version plays. happy dubbin'.


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  1. Anonymous2.5.13

    AHH YES. My copy ov the vinyl has the same first track! Been looking for someone to shed a lil light.