i finally got to visit the store of my favorite label (if you read this thing then you know how much i gush about them), the mighty Mississippi Records in Portland. besides it being everything i could have ever hoped it would be (maybe a slight exaggeration) as well as a thorough bummer for my current financial status, i was able to finally cop a few of the mississippi mixtapes, which if you've been following are just as great as most of their official releases. i especially like how most of the mixes aren't exclusively "rarities", that a few of the tracks are recognizable hits you can hum along to when they pop up randomly amidst new treasures. of the 5 tapes i picked up these two have been the best so far. the Phillip Cohran track (side A, track 2 on "Fables of Faubus") is well worth the entire download, so so good.

thanks to Rootstrata for posting these and many others

Mississippi Records Tape Series, Vol. 19 - Fables Of Faubus: Mythic & Political Jazz

Mississippi Records Tape Series, Vol. 24 - Like I’m Dying: Ska, Rocksteady & Dub

***its my 50th post! at one point i would have never thought i would keep it up for this long***

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