so way back in the glory days of the mid-2000's, my friends and i took a road trip from southern california to the promised land of san francisco and oakland. i actually can't remember if we were on tour with our "band" at the time, because a couple of these trips went down before i eventually moved to the bay, but while walking back to the car in berkeley from amoeba, we literally just happened upon this cd. freshly purchased and brand-new in a rasputin records bag, it had probably just been bought and dropped, but with nobody else in sight, we took it for our own. none of us had ever heard of Reverend Gary Davis, none of us really even listened to old time gospel blues, but as soon as we got in the car and put this one in the stereo we all instantly fell in love with Davis' honest and timeless style. we listened to it pretty much exclusively for the rest of the trip, and in turn all became die-hard fan's of his beautifully gritty gospel.

from the R. Crumb "Heroes of the Blues" series, this collection compiles the best of Gary Davis' classic works. with no hesitation, this is one of if not the most favorite collection of country gospel blues, and coincidentally my formal introduction to the genre. enjoy!



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    it was just sitting there on the curb by manoli's car and was from amoeba.